Bliss Awaits Virtual Retreat 

In this time of chaos, 

Sink into the Grounding Power inside you.


July TBD

"Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion." 


In the midst of all of the chaos, sink into the grounding power within you. 

Right now we are experiencing a universal transition on a global scale. The energy is thick and the reality is unpredictable. And yet, there is a beautiful space within you where you can always connect to your grounding source within. 

Much like the calm after a storm, you can use tools and practices to calm your anxiety and feelings of uncertainty. Although it may not completely free you from the current situation, when you have the experience of being grounded while your environment might feel chaotic, you can lean on your ability to take ground at any time you need it. 

This is your call to EXHALE. 

Your invitation to call in PEACE. 

Your time to CENTER

The Bliss Awaits Virtual Retreat is a 90-Min dedication to your grounding powers.




We will

  • Sink in together in meditation.

  • Expand our connection through a prompted journaling exercise.

  • Share in our community experience to anchor in our meditation. 


  •  The date is June 22nd from 7:30-9 pm EDT, 6:30-8 pm CDT, 4:30-7 pm PDT. 

  • The cost is $15 

  • You will receive an email containing all of the details for our 90-Min time together. 

  • Prepare to spend 90-Mins virtually over Zoom. Click here to download Zoom

  • Have a journal and pen. You may want to bring any crystals, markers, or essential oils to accompany your experience.

  • Dress comfortably. 

  • This is a great time to set aside half an hour before your experience to sage and cleanse your space. 

  • Create an intention for our time together. I recommend that before our evening session, avoid caffeine or alcohol after noon. If you can, take a ritual style shower to wash off the day before we sink in together and invite grounding energy. 

  • You may select to eat a wholesome light dinner to invite space within and without.