The Bliss Awaits Virtual Retreat is a 90 min. dedication to your grounding powers.


We will

  • Sink in together in meditation.

  • Expand our connection through a prompted journaling exercise.

  • Share in our community experience to anchor in our meditation. 



  • The cost is $15 

  • You will receive an email containing all of the details for our 90 Min time together. 

  • Prepare to spend 90 mins virtually over Zoom. Click here to download Zoom. 

  • Have a journal and pen. You may want to bring any crystals, markers, or essential oils to accompany your experience.

  • Dress comfortably. 

  • This is a great time to set aside half an hour before your experience to sage and cleanse your space. 

  • Create an intention for our time together. I recommend that before our evening session, avoid caffeine or alcohol after noon. If you can, take a ritual style shower to wash off the day before we sink in together and invite grounding energy. 

  • You may select to eat a wholesome light dinner to invite space within and without. 

July TBD Virtual Retreat