Purging and Cleansing - both internally and externally.  Think of Spring Cleaning for yourself.  Contents include: 1 #truthbomb card, 1 handwritten note from a heart at Bliss Awaits, 1 Selenite pocket stone, 1 Release Roller, 1 Abalone shell, 1 white sage stick, and 3 palo santo sticks.  


Purging and Cleansing

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  • #TruthBomb Card from Danielle LaPorte


    Handwritten note card speaking to love and grace to one’s highest self. These are intentional and custom notecards to support you or a loved one wherever they might be. A note from source.


    Selenite pocket stone - Excellent for purification and meditation; instills deep peace. Sourced from Morocco.


    Palo Santo - Also known as holy wood, aids in relaxation, cleanses areas with dense and heavy energy. Sourced from South America.


    Sage - Sourced from California. Used to create a protective field around a space.


    Abalone Shell - Smudging is the equivalent of spiritual spring cleaning. Sourced from Mexico.


    Release Blend Roller- This custom roller comes with Copaiba, Melaleuca, Lavender, Lemongrass and Grapefruit. March focus is on purging and cleaning.  This blend is an emotional blend created to assist with releasing what no longer serves you.