Special Note for You - Speaking to love and grace to ones highest self. These are intentional to support you or a loved one wherever they might be. (flip over)


Lapis Lazuli - Powerful thought amplifier. It encourages creativity, aids in expressing your own opinion. Teaches us the value of active listening. Helps you confront the truth and acceptance around what it teaches you.


Pink Moon Candles - Reiki charged with love and kindness; every component is hand-crafted with thought. Shibori is a 100% soy candle, hand poured into a porcelain bowl with a contrasting blue and white design with gold-plated rim. Relax with the scents of lemongrass and rosemary essential oils (100% plant derived and no synthetic fragrance).

Handmade in Columbus, Ohio.


Danielle LaPorte TRUTHBOMB Card - One specifically chosen for you. What does it tell you?

Reiki Charged Pink Moon Candle