pecial Note for You - Speaking to love and grace to ones highest self. These are intentional to support you or a loved one wherever they might be. (flip over)


Tigers Eye - Aids in shifting your outlook so that you can gain a deeper understanding of yourself. It allows you to see the positive in any

situation, making it especially helpful for anyone who suffers from

feelings of sadness. Once you feel centered and grounded, you will

have the confidence and courage to explore new possibilities.


EMPOWER Sage Stick - Walk boldly into the storm, face your fears head on. Embolden and Elevate your senses with an herbal wand like no other. Sticky sweet, yet medicinal and cleansing, the potent smoke of Empower brings an electric surge of energy to your routine and smacks negative energies in the face.


Danielle LaPorte TRUTHBOMB Card - One specifically chosen for you. What does it tell you?

Empower Bundle

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