The April Bliss Bag gifts Manifesting of Abundance. It focuses on products and tools that encourage you to simply be aware of all things possible within your life. Contents include: 1 #truthbomb card, 1 handwritten note from a heart at Bliss Awaits, 4 Citrine Quartz stones, 1 Opulence Roller, 1 Quartz Crystal and 1 Attracting Abundance by Jane Struthers cards.

April 2019 Bliss Bag

  • #TruthBomb Card from Danielle LaPorte


    Handwritten note card speaking to love and grace to one’s highest self. These are intentional and custom notecards to support you or a loved one wherever they might be. A note from source.


    Citrine Quartz aids every level of life.  It is a stone of abundance. There will be many directions of uses within our private group.  


    Opulence Blend Roller- This custom roller comes with Copaiba, Balance blend, Patchouli, Clove, Cinnamon, Ginger, Myrrh, and Wild Orange. It is the blend for the month to allow focus on abundance in all levels.  Harmonious, Empowerment, and Mother Earth all come to mind when taking in this warming and grounding blend.


    Attracting Abundance by Jane Struthers Cards - 52 cards to help you manifest gratitude, abundance, and success.  If you have never used cards before, there is no fear. It’s actually quite fun. These are tools to allow you to be more aware within your daily life.  It will exponentially improve your outlook within the areas you choose to focus your attention and energy on.