What's my favorite word?

WARNING! Before I tell you about myself, I want to tell you I say the F word, a lot. Yes, I am educated, I have my MBA actually, but the F word is my favorite. Out of all of the words in the dictionary, I am loyal to that word. If you can read it (or skim past it like my mom will), then you can read on.

Hi! I’m Amy, nice to meet you. Most of the time, I am a spread-to-thin mompreneur trying to pay off the MBA that I still have not used. Between January and April, when I’m struggling with the grey Ohio weather, I find myself wondering what kind of f*cked-up childhood others have had. I consider the possibility of what if we could get together and make something completely profound of our past where others could learn or hear that they are not alone in their private hell. Let’s face it. We all have a past - good, bad, ugly, etc. Maybe, you know those mornings when your spouse is traveling and your kids are screaming and you just barely drag yourself out of bed. You peek out the window at the dreariness, wondering how you landed up in charge of keeping these precious souls alive. All you hear is a loud rushing in your head that sounds like a static radio on full blast. When all that noise is in the foreground, it’s really easy to forget that I’m actually a fully functioning adult with likes and dislikes, passions and interests. I was smart enough to marry a guy who isn’t an asshole – he’s quite the opposite actually he is f*cking amazing. I actually really enjoy meeting people and connecting with them. I love travel and experiencing new things but only in warmer climates. I love crystals and essential oils. I indulge in energy work even though it gave me the shits the first time I was on retreat (that is a whole other blog post) but I’d love to teach you how to do the same. Don’t’ worry – not everyone experiences energy work the same. In all seriousness though, I’m really glad you’re here. There are so many tools available to support us, not all of which are “mainstream”. We don’t have to do it alone. The first time someone told me about crystals, I thought they were crazy, but I smiled and listened politely. Two years later, I had my first impactful experience with crystals and now I’m an avid collector. It was such an eye opening experience that a stone from the earth could be a helpful tool in my journey. Now I use oils, cards, crystals, prayer, and my like–minded sisters to support me on a daily basis. This online community that I’m passionately building is intended to support you, wherever you are, in finding and using tools on your journey. I hope you find options, outlets, relief, empowerment and humor among these pages. You are not your childhood trauma, and neither am I. It doesn’t define who I am, and it does not define you. I survived, and I’m pretty f*cking cool! You’ll want to be my friend. xo Amy

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