#TruthBomb Cards

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If you are new to cards, these are the perfect way to start out. It is as simple as you shuffling and pulling a card from the deck. The message will feel like it was meant for you, because it simply is. You can carry the card in your bag, put it in a location where you can look throughout your day, or give it to friend. You will receive one card in your mailer each month, but you can purchase the entire decks below:

#Truthbomb Card Deck -€“ Volume 1:

#Truthbomb Card Deck -€“ Volume 2: YOUR Card came from this deck.

#Truthbomb Deck Bundle (Vol 1 + Vol 2):

#Truthbomb Card Deck - Volume 1 - Bundle of 3:

#Truthbomb Card Deck - Volume 2 - Bundle of 3:

She is amazing. Learn more about her here: http://www.daniellelaporte.com/

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