Time to clear the pain...

January’s Theme: Clear

Clear your space

Clear your schedule

Clear your home

Clear your mind

Clear your life

Clear can take on many meanings. Clearing can also be very intimidating. It is possible you are not ready to let go of something, it holds the same truth for mental clearing. Sometimes our bodies are not quite ready to let go of a memory, or a way of being.

We can see the clutter in our homes, we can see the clutter on our laptops and cell phones. Have you ever once considered the clutter happening within our minds and body?

Seriously, consider that concept for a few moments (childhood trauma, physical and verbal abuse, bad relationships, divorces, overall feeling of not good enough that impacts every single activity in your life.) You cannot change the past. You do have the power to clear it, heal from it, move past it, and live your best life. Yes, it is possible. It’s been the most uncomfortable and hardest part of my life these past few years. I hope to never go through that level of what I deem as self development - transformation - aligning - self awareness ever again. By allowing those days of just allowing what is and NOT running from it. Example: You feel like complete crap. Your body aches. You have no desire to do anything. You are relishing over something that happened and it is impacting every part of your soul. You immerse yourself into work, alcohol, mindless social media scrolling, etc. Don’t hide. The longer you hide from it the longer your struggle will be. Trust me. I know from personal experience. Grab a pen and paper and write it all down. If you don’t want anyone to find the paper of your thoughts, burn it / shred it / rip it up, etc.

I’d love to hear about your overall feelings after you start to integrate the practice of clearing and writing it down to clear your mind. It’s magical the way it works.

The products I chose this month are to help you clear your mental clutter and emotional baggage. Learn more here.

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