This is exactly where I am supposed to be and it f*cking sucks

Personal growth sometimes can be exhausting. Even painful to those close to you. Gut-wrenching at times to deal with when you really allow yourself to sit with how you are feeling...meaning, no alcohol, no pills, and no other form of distraction. Just you and your thoughts - doubting yourself, your moves, your decisions, and your idea about creating a business into letting others know you are not alone in your journey. Bliss is possible, but it sure takes fucking work. Lots of fucking work. It also makes you have to deep dive into a level of strength maybe you never knew you had. It’s there; trust me.

"Sometimes, it is just as important knowing you are seen and heard but also understood."

I can SEE you and I HEAR you. I know it fucking sucks. I’ve been away on vacation for almost two weeks with the family. Excellent distraction. Then we came home. My other half left for California for work for the week. Monday morning hit me like a freight train. Anxiety, physical ailments, self doubt, a shit ton that kept going wrong. It was like everything I touched went to hell. Paperwork came out of nowhere from kids schools that needed signed, my business that I had ignored needed content created, dogs were sick, kids were sick, I threw my hip out, pain was just radiating in my back and neck, unread texts, unread emails, my car is back in the shop, I mean really...the list goes on. <insert your issues> You are not alone in your struggles.

I know what needs to happen but I avoided it light the plague. You need to sit with it. What exactly are you feeling, write it down, or make a note on your device. Maybe call a friend who is supportive, maybe that person is your counselor. Whoever it is, listen to a voice a reason. The last thing you want is that person who one-ups you with their shit that doesn’t offer sound advice. Not that there's anything wrong with those friends, but that is not what you need at this moment.

I lost it on a friend, just unloaded, and she said what would make it happy right now: ice cream, a Netflix binge, a few bottles of wine, a hot bath, etc. I allowed myself to take a step forward out of the shit storm I believed I was in. It worked. Today, I crossed paths with someone who said "You are so grounded". I laughed so hard and said wow, nope, I am a hot mess right now. It was an interesting conversation. I told him I know this is where I am supposed to be right now, and it fucking sucks. He was really taken back by my understanding of knowing full well that I am in the thick of it. In the thick of expanding my growth, breaking free of limiting beliefs and insecurities. He had a man-bun so he really understood me. <wink>

Perspective - Allow the Shift My Friend - You Are Not Alone

Your Bliss Awaits,

XO Amy

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