Smudging: Sage and Palo Santo

A couple years ago, I was introduced to the concept of smudging. My initial thought was WTF is this. You want me to burn this smelly stuff and then walk around my house? What?!?! My husband bought me my first piece of sage and abalone shell. It looked really cool sitting on my shelf for a good 9 months. No really, it did. I wasn’t ready to burn anything nor did I even see value. My girlfriend, Beth, who introduced me to a bunch of this stuff came into town and yelled “Give me that, girl!”. She lit it and then like a puppy I followed her around and watched her. That is exactly what I needed. I needed to wait until I felt comfortable to use it, but also had the gentle nudge of friend showing me how to use it. THAT IS EXACTLY what I want to be for you. That gentle nudge to show you how to use it. These items are in the March Bliss Bag. This months focus theme is to release what no longer serves you.

Sage – has a scent of spicy earthiness. My use varies, but at least once a week or once every couple weeks.

Palo Santo – has a sweeter scent. I use this daily.

Many times in life, you may have thought something would be a good idea but would never take the necessary steps forward to. I ask you, “What are you waiting for?”. Let that day be TODAY!

Here are a few more other blogs and sites that go into greater details around the history and art of this practice:



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