Release that shit!

As we all gear up for the spring, many are feeling smothered with all the stuff that was collected over the Holidays or simply a surplus of items that no longer serve their intended purpose. Today, the universe reminded me that I need to do a massive purge again. Why? We are leaving for Disney World tomorrow. Our cleaners contacted us and TODAY was the only day they could accommodate a full clean. No dogs, no kids – I had to take advantage of that. The downside is, I had 90 minutes to prepare for their arrival. I’m one of those people who has to clean for the cleaners to come into my home. Recall I said we are leaving for vacation – my upstairs looks like my dryer had projectile vomit of clothing everywhere. Let me tell you something…it’s going to take months to find all the “stuff” I crammed into the knife drawer, thirty-one bins, elfa and Rubbermaid plastic bins. As I was doing this, I was laughing at myself. I told me myself, “Girl, you need to get your shit together.” Then I was getting mad at myself, because I know I should have never let it pile up like that!

I’m thankful for life’s little reminders of keeping your priorities straight.

What can you do with all your stuff?

1 - Sell it on your local buy trade sites on Facebook or other social media platforms

2 - Donate and write it off

3 - Find someone who could use it and give it to them knowing it will be loved again

This leads me into something that isn’t really talked about much. We all can see the stuff that we collect or that simply add up in our homes, cars, personal spaces, etc. What about the stuff that needs cleared out of our minds and lives. It takes so much more personal energy to stuff it down. We focus attention elsewhere, and we forgot to spring clean our minds. What are you holding onto that no longer serves your highest good in


A person – Look at it as their chapter in YOUR life is over, flip the page. (Personally, this took me many years to understand. Release when you are ready, but remind yourself that your new chapter in life is patiently awaiting.)

A traumatic event – Friends and family are wonderful but when it comes to something so personal and traumatic my opinion is to seek a qualified counselor who specializes in the area of your journey. No one needs to know. This individual is for YOU. It will vastly improve your quality of life. It's hard as hell in the beginning but so so worth it.

Clingers – Comments made over time by people who are in your life that simply like to be super opinionated or provide unsolicited feedback. Hurt people hurt people. Repeat that often. Ground yourself and think – are you receiving the hurt or are you hurting others? Whichever one you fit in – own it. Sit with it and then release it.

If you receive the Bliss Bag, for the month of March you received the Release blend. It has been with my experience, essential oils can have a profound effect in almost every facet of life. Especially, when you need additional emotional support. Letting go of anything is hard: old wounds, new wounds, old baggage, old bull shit, old clothes, old stuff, new stuff, you name it. There is an amazing blend that I created to aid and assist when you have those moments where you need that extra support.

Check out the emotional side of the oils selected for this blend.

Grapefruit – The Oil of Honoring the Body

Lavender – The Oil of Communication and Calm

Lemongrass – The Oil of Cleansing

Copaiba – The Oil of Unveiling

Melaleuca - The Oil of Energetic Boundaries

There is a book I highly recommend you look into. You can order the Emotions and Essential Oils book here.

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