Open to Abundance but Stuck in Cement

Before reading this blog post, I want you all to be very present with yourself as you read this. Your body might give you some odd sensations and I want you to make note what happened within your body and what did you just read that caused it.

What do you think of when you hear the word Abundance - Money, Health, Love, Time? Maybe you are desperately seeking those and all you have is an abundance of constant chaos, a black cloud that loves to follow only you. If that is you, then I see how it could be so difficult to even fathom the idea of having extra time, wealth, and or love. I call it the brain train, the loud noise in your brain that doesn’t stop. I found this following idea to be a game-changer in my life - what you give your attention to grows - exponentially might I add. If your attention is on the fact that you have no time, you will continually be wrapped up with events popping up that keep you thinking you have no time. Are you constantly searching for money or is it an excuse every single time someone asks you to do something that you simply say I have no money?

And here we are...Open to Abundance but Stuck in Cement

When you are in the thick of your drama in your own life, it can be difficult to move past it even debilitating for some. Many times, you are dealing with this silently, or maybe you have let a few close friends in to see your true self. If I am speaking to you, talk to a friend or better yet find a counselor to simply talk to. Many people feel there is a stigma to seeing a counselor. I’m here to tell you it's the best thing ever. That is a person you lean on to tell what is bothering you and then have the ability to find your root cause triggers - meaning where did that first come up in your life. Some may say, I use my friends versus a therapist - if that is you, you’re missing out. Keep an open mind and maybe one day you will be ready to consider that. Do my friends still know my secrets, sure they do, but we don’t have weekly set times where I unload my issues and expect them to fully focus on me. My friendships aren’t one-sided. I do not have time for opportunists in my life and neither should you.

So what can you do?

Step 1. Own where you are.

Are you an opportunist - Why?

Are you full of excuses - even if you feel they are valid - Why?

Is money your nemesis - Too much? (I’ll send you my address) Too little?

Do you feel unlovable - Can you think back to when you first had that feeling?

Are you always sick (run down)- Colds, flu, bugs, etc?

Are you jealous of others - Google scarcity – can you remember the first person who made you feel you were not enough?

Step 2. Now that you identified it - write it down and sit with it. You will feel all sorts of feelings, make a note of them. Notice your body - does your belly hurt, are you getting a headache, arm hurt, are your eyes are twitching, or do you simply want to avoid this, etc.

Step 3. AWARENESS! The above step could take a few days, weeks, or years. Just know the seed was planted and your subconscious will continue to process. Now, that you identified YOU, where do you want more abundance in your life? Write it down on paper!

Step 4. Harness your thoughts and shift your perspective. This takes work, patience, and grace with yourself. Consider to put this into your practice. A community also helps to really helps sharpen these skills and mindset. If you are not already a monthly member of Bliss Awaits, you can learn more here.

A few very special people I want to thank for being so

abundantly open and transformational for me:

Ashlie, Tiffany and Beth. xo

Your Bliss Awaits,


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