Nurture - Pause - Repeat

It’s April 1st. A new season is underway, and a worldwide phenomenon is going on. It’s causing a shift. At first it was a wtf is happening scenario, and now its impact is beginning to unfold in many states / countries. I pray that you find peace, your center and ground yourself during this time. I would ask that you view a different perspective if you have not already done so.

This didn’t just happen to me, it took a few weeks, I had to work through my processing and the unknowns and uncertainty. What I see and feel today is a complete change in the way of life. People are helping each other, people are helping those neighbors they had never met before. People are talking, NOT just texting, they are TALKING via video chats, etc. You really cannot understand how social distancing feels until that is taken away from you and it is something you are willing to abide by for the safety of others.

Here is your chance to get those toxic people out of your life. Assuming you do not live with them, you not don’t have to see them or even take their calls. It’s a great time to access your situation. Are you happy where you are, are you happy who you are with, are you enjoying your job? Is there a side hustle you are considering to start? Do you have a bunch of stuff to get rid of? Now is the time most of us are on pause. During this pause, I know many of us are dealing with fear, loss, uncertainty. Tell those feelings to take a back seat and call in feelings of peace, motivation, grounding and self nurturing. Take care of yourself so that you can take care of others. I know, it can be hard to keep that mantra. I personally feel like there are many days I am all the emojis and it can be exhausting. Give yourself grace. I know I am.

April showers bring May flowers. I found this company last fall and fell in love with the simplicity and comical feel. Meet SUCCI POTS. They have small little flower pots that you can choose from their inventory or you can custom create your verbiage. This is what I chose to do based on our theme this month.

Nurture - Pause - Repeat

Without taking time for ourselves, we will wilt and become thirsty for more. Just like a plant. If we do not water it, it slowly dies or gets super sad looking. It is a great reminder to nurture yourself. I cannot wait to aid in all sorts of ideas around self care / nurturing. Please know my days are not perfect. I sometimes forget about myself, but I quickly realize that and bounce back with all sorts of tools, tips, and people I have met along the way. It’s a process but given where we are in society it's a challenging time for all of us.

To the responders on the front line, thank you. Thank you for what you do. I cannot explain the levity of the situation. My cousin, who is a nurse, found out a few weeks ago her floor was changed to a Covid-19 floor. Her mom has cancer. She is now unable to physically touch / hug and see her mom. She visits her mom and stands outside a door and they talk through a window. So next time you find yourself getting mad when out in public, please think of that. The cleaners, the grocery stores, the entire medical community, the entire emergency services community may not be able to see and hug their loved one because they are putting our safety first by showing up to their job that encompasses caring for the greater population.

Your Bliss Awaits,



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