My First Chakra Reading Experience

Seems like just yesterday I was asked have your chakras even been checked? My response was, what did you just call me?

As she proceeded to keep speaking, the thoughts of my parents saying NEVER EVER play with the Ouiji board came to my mind. Why?!?! - I have no idea but this is what happens when people are raised fear-based. She then pulled out this dangling thing that appeared to be an acorn on a metal chain. By the way, it's actually called a pendulum. I knew this person, that is the only reason I agreed to this. She could see the fear / facial expression of wtf is happening right now.

She started at the root chakra. Well, it wasn’t moving. Which I could have told you that. The Root Chakra is your safety. As a child, I experienced trauma. As an adult, I can see how that event essentially rewired my brain development and sense of safety.

She continued to move up the chakras:

Sacral Chakra (Creativity and Empathy): Slight movement.

Solar Plexus (Boundaries and Personal Strength): Not balanced but more than the lower two.

Heart (Self-Love and Compassion): Not balanced, but very similar to the Solar Plexus.

Throat (Truth and Integrity): Balanced, possibly over balanced. I like to tell it like it is.

Third Eye (Spiritual and Intuition): Her little acorn shook. We laughed, but essentially it was not open.

Crown (Acceptance and Universal Consciousness): Nope, not moving either.

I’d like to pause and simply point out I was on the hot mess express. This was September of 2016. This was when I began my self healing journey. When I say self, I want it to be noted that I had a core group of people in my life being my support system the entire way. I wholeheartedly believe when someone comes into your life, it is for your best interest. It may take a few weeks, months, or years but one day it will be very evident of the role they played within your life.

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Your Bliss Awaits!

Amy Stowe Yarger

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