Journal Prompt - 20 Ways to Love Yourself

February - The month of LOVING YOURSELF!

I say this is the month we go out of our way to love ourselves. You don't need to feel guilty. You give so much of yourself to so many. At times, what is left for you are crumbs...not even enough for a person to survive. When you start neglecting your needs, your immune system will take a hit, you may become resentful, you may ostracize yourself and a slew of other crappy things.

Not prioritizing yourself has serious implications to your health. I speak from personal experience. Below are 20 ways to love yourself. Pick a couple then use the journal prompt to kick-start your self care plans.

20 Ways to Love Yourself

1 - Get off your phone.

2 - Take a nap - better yet, take a paid personal day (mental health day). Just go at the pace your body wants to move.

3 - Take an Epsom salt bath with essential oils and calm music.

4 - Say no more often - you don't have to attend every event you or your child is invited to.

5 - A Reiki service, by yours truly. If money is an issue, sell some clothes or house items on Facebook marketplace / ebay. I just sold an older espresso machine for $375. Your options can be endless as long as you think outside of the box.

6 - Ask for help. Better to ask before you get all can ask my husband for those details.

7 - Hire a cleaner for a deep clean. See above - sell stuff on Facebook to make it possible.

8 - Watch The Notebook and cry it out. Crying can be very therapeutic.

9 - Begin writing your morning pages. It is an excellent way to drain the brain.

10 - Call a friend. Don't text them, call them, yes CALL them.

11 - Read a book.

12 - Dry brush your body. Google for the many benefits.

13 - Buy yourself something new and that makes you feel good.

14 - Practice gratitude. Purchase a card - my favorite are at your local Trader Joe's - they are only $1 and have great paper quality. Write one thank you to someone who has helped you along your way. Or to your partner for allowing the safe space while you figure yourself out.

15 - You are you! Comparison is the thief of joy. Everyone is unique. Celebrate your differences.

16 - Tap into your feelings. Your body gives you signs all the time if it's not happy. Start to pay attention. When someone does something to you, where do you feel it in your body? Become very present to what your body feels.

17 - Find a therapist. We all carry baggage and we should talk about it.

18 - Forgive yourself.

19 - Walk outside. Pick a park to walk around and just take in the fresh air and natural beauty.

20 - You know what you want to do it.

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