Flow of Life

When you think of flow (not the monthly kind), you think of movement with grace and beauty.  Take for example a stream or creek, you see the water flowing effortlessly down to the pond or wherever it ends up.  I challenge you to find a creek / stream, and go sit by one. Google for your local metro parks. Watch the flow of water.  Take in the sound and watch the water flow with grace.  

Now image if you throw a massive rock in the shallow part of the creek.  You know exactly what will happen. It will cause a massive splash and the water we backup but then quickly find a new route downstream and it will continue to flow in that direction. Same thing is true for our life.

When we are in flow it’s beautiful; it's graceful. 

However, when a massive boulder of an event happens, it causes massive disruption within our life.  Each and everyone is different. Never ever compare your journey to someone else's. Ever. You are beautiful and your shitshow is your shitshow.  My shitshow is my shitshow. BUT, we can learn from each other.  I can publicly say what I have done and you can comment and say what has worked for you or what hasn't worked for you.  It’s really all about sharing and authentically caring.  My shitshow was a 6 year long shit show with beautiful moments in between.  I have learned so much about myself in that time. I’ve weeded out toxic people.  I’ve become so much closer to my husband and true best friends. I hired a coach and saw a counselor.  I’ve learned to use oils, crystals, had my thyroid and minerals levels checked. I started to fill my mind with positive books and content within my social media channels.  I also unfollowed people or groups that gave me anxiety. I no longer put up with bullshit. I simply no longer have the time to entertain it in my life.



Your Bliss Awaits,

Amy Stowe Yarger

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