Awareness will slap you in the face.

If there was one thing I have been very present to over the past 4 weeks, it is awareness. Awareness of those who make my body cringe when I am around them. Awareness of what makes me feel good inside. Awareness of the sense of gratitude towards myself that I can now see what is toxic, what is no longer serving a purpose, and what is ever so important to me. This is the first mercury retrograde where I have not felt an entire mess. For that I am ever so thankful.

This month's theme is gratitude, being thankful, thus being every so empowered in your ability to see the good out of your journey. If you are in a place you cannot even be thankful for 3 things in your life. I want you to stand up right now, get off your chair / couch, and say I am done. I am done feeling like this. I am a good person. I am someone. I am someone who is going thru a rough time, but I am worth it. I am worth investing in myself to better myself. I deserve a better quality of life.

Many people think of gratitude as something you do around Thanksgiving and then by springtime all that is forgotten. Not today! I want to challenge you this month to use this month's Gratitude Journal (sign up here by SUNDAY, MARCH 8th! Ships out next week.

Each day I challenge you, to see the good. Of course there may be days where you think f this. I can’t think of one thing to be grateful for. Let me tell you a few of mine: I am thankful for the GPS lady and her countless reminders to tell me which way to go. I am grateful for the week I had in Orlando - although it was cold - there was sun. I am grateful that I did not die while driving in Orlando. It was like being inside a video game dodging all the other tourists who had to clue where they were going. I am grateful I was put in a situation where I encountered a person who I had not seen in almost a year, and it allowed me to see how far I am come and healed. I am thankful my 5 yr old son demanded one bed in a hotel room because he wanted to sleep with me. I am thankful for asking for help and having others willing to do so without judgement without motive. I am thankful in my ability to be able to surrender and allow what is to simply be what is.

The essential oil blend I created this month certainly does not disappoint. There is a book I love to use, Emotions and Essential Oils. The blend I created this month is called Blessed.

Below are the emotional components to the essential oils.

Patchouli - Physicality

Lime - Zest for Life

Lemon - Focus

Spikenard - Gratitude

Wild Orange - Abundance

Balance - Gratitude

I was introduced to something called shadow work by my mentors, Ashlie Woods and Beth Whitely over the course of the past four years. I, like many others, require time to process, time to fully understand, and time to see the bigger picture. My body also requires time to release and time to see the truth. My counselor has an amazing view on this. Your body will show you signs when it is ready to release a trauma, a memory, or something that no longer serves your well-being. When ready, you will be slapped in the face by awareness. You will all of sudden realize, oh my goodness, that is what I am doing. That is what they meant when they told me "X". When someone does something and it makes you angry, or annoys you - essentially if you have an elevated emotion to what someone did, you need to STOP and ask yourself What is this trying to teach me. What can I learn from this? Where am I am being like in my life? All you need to do is pause and think versus reacting. It takes time and strength to do this. One day, you will connect it all and awareness will slap you in the face (with love of course).

The crystal I chose for this month as a touchstone is Carnelian. Carnelian is used for healing, a great stone for someone who is looking to reinvent themselves. Mediating with this stone is pretty powerful. I’d love for you to respond later this month and tell me how it has worked in your life.

Your Bliss Awaits,



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