Aligning with Your Self Purpose

Grab a piece of paper or make a mental note.

What makes you happy?

What ignites your soul?

What no longer makes you happy?

What can you remove from your life to get to where you want to be?

Maybe you are at the brink of a complete mental break-down. You are overworked and simply tired of all the bullshit. Here is what I suggest -

1) CLEAR YOUR CALENDAR. You don’t need to attend every single event you (or your child) is invited to. It’s perfectly fine to say no. Did you hear me - PERFECTLY FINE TO SAY NO!

By saying NO, you are saying Y E S to yourself.

When I first did this exercise, it was difficult. I was never one to say no. But I hit that point in life where my cup was completely empty and I had nothing else to give. I mean nothing. I was a bear to my kids, my husband and I kept to myself. I was honest with my closest friends simply because your best friends do not judge. If your best friend judges you, find a new one because a best friend will not judge you they will support you.

2) Limit your time and unfollow people / groups on social media. You need to go focus on yourself. Don’t worry what everyone else is doing.

3) Find a beautiful big tree or a body of water, sit, take off your shoes and plant those bare feet on the ground, sit in the sun or shade and breathe in fresh air.

Now repeat after me - I am worth it. I am strong. I choose me.

4) Now write. Write everything that is coming into your mind, even if it’s wtf am I writing for. Trust me when I say within 15-30 min of writing, something will happen to you. It could possibly shift everything in your life.

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